Dispatch of Xi’an news network (civil / Gao Le of reporter of entire media of industry of graph Xi’an cable) release the commonweal advertisement, window that makes urban culture ” thematic station… on August 5, the reporter learns from city course group, xi’an subway combines industry distinguishing feature, begin industry civilization to set an example found reach civilization to go out to guide an activity to wait all right, meet 14 fate with all one’s strength, civilized town of the whole nation that help strength founds the job to be begun smoothly.

Xi’an subway design made a batch reflect characteristic of Xi’an characteristic, industry, civilization to found wait for commonweal advertisement picture, in subway the whole line 950 1675 lamps box, machine that brush screen, 1760 look board on release, content includes socialistic core viewpoint of value, ” tell civilization to cultivate new wind ” , epidemic situation is prevented accuse, ” fair chopsticks fair spoon ” , welcome 14 use, ” civilized health has you to have me ” wait for commonweal to publicize content; In the meantime, in the subway 1

, 2, 3, 4 lines release civilization to multiply car, civilization to give catchword of catchphrase of travel, 14 carry and conduct propaganda continuously on screen of electron of 370 passageway LED and 8427 subways TV the commonweal advertisement such as video.

In addition, did combination to make with civilization of municipal Party committee with ” greet 14 carry to achieve civilized town ” give priority to a problem ” civilized Xi’an date ” ” Xi’an example number ” special train and ” the window of urban culture ” thematic station, passenger of comprehensive promotion citizen is spent to the witting rate of our city cultural and ideological progress, support and self-identity feels.

The organization developed civilized station, civilized circuitry, civilized building site, learn Lei Feng the activity of the model that choose a tree such as advanced individual, lead through setting an example, drive industry system to chase surmount, stimulative industry system serves consciousness and promotion of level of management; The organization is begun ” search subway civilization ambassador ” activity, at present already accumulative total extends ” civilized badge ” more than 900.

Chaos of car of periphery of passageway of determined punish station stops chaos to put, do sth without authorization distributes goods, pull a guest to press the uncivilized action such as the guest, guide citizen passenger consciousness to abide by ” byelaw ” , contend for the person that do civilization to multiply the participator of the car and defend, guide citizen passenger civilization to take a car, correct chaos to support the uncivilized action such as mob.

It is reported, city course group will develop the subway continuously ” line of civilized flow scenery ” action, surround through net of subway the whole line, building block and platform of official conduct propaganda increases commonweal to publicize strength, had done with all one’s strength greet 14 carry and urban culture to promote the work integratedly, make positive contribution to consolidate our city civilized town founds achievement.