Dispatch of Xi’an news network on August 5, by ” Chinese city travel of the first media is allied ” the 2019 China culture that media of city of 24 mainstreams of associated whole nation initiates and a list of names posted up of travel general comment uncover a list of names posted up formally. Garden of wild animal of Xi’an Qin Ling highs the scene area such as place of business of week of eyebrow hill, a region of rivers and lakes is had the honor to win together ” area of demonstrative scene of confluence of brigade of 2019 China article ” special honour.

2019 up to now, wild animal garden is in Qin Ling of group of tourism of music river new developed area, Xi’an support energetically and below the leader, organize activity of multinomial culture theme meticulously, held in succession ” Qin Ling is away for the summer holidays enjoy the cool abridge ” , ” greet 4 treasure of 14 carry Qin Ling to take community ” , ” cross year confuse your marathon ” , ” Yue runs Xi’an city district runs series is surpassed ” , ” annulus Qin Ling league matches of the 3rd bicycle, aggrandizement product innovates, make the travel environment with beautiful zoology hard, with normative service, week

Recieved a tourist to exceed 1.8 million person-time 2019 to service, warm heart service, quality service, image of garden area brand gets huge promotes.

2019, it is culture and travel of confluence of deepness of two big industries germinant year, crucial year. Face times spring tide, 2020, garden of Qin Ling wild animal will fulfil municipal Party committee, municipal government strictly put forward ” confluence of stimulative article brigade develops action plan 3 years ” each requirement, produce oneself advantage, adjust measures to local conditions, act according to circumstance, ceaseless innovation, carry out goes ” culture + travel ” each shirt-sleeve requirement, the confluence that realizes animal characteristic product and culture hard develops, better contented and broad citizen reachs mental culture demand of the tourist, provide more rich travel experience for broad tourist continuously.

Civil / Xiang Xiaoyu of Hou Zhi of reporter of entire media of industry of graph Xi’an cable’s reporter