The Tang Yun in garden of lotus of dispatch of Xi’an news network flows fragrant, ancient course bright phearl appears on ancient capital. On August 4, “Reside abroad is in Chinese in ” special performance of day of topic of Buddha level ground is recommended can be in Xi’an city big Tang Furong is held field, all-around recommend ” panda small town ” project of high-quality goods of the zoology characteristic of county of Buddha level ground, reside abroad, capital attraction, invite sincerely each personage to unscramble level ground of Buddha level ground, reside abroad Buddha, investment Buddha level ground. The leader such as company of travel of many 60 experience, partner, travel agent, delegate in all 300 much people attended to recommend meeting.

In the morning 9 when 30 minutes, “Reside abroad is in Chinese in ” Chinese in reside abroad of reside abroad, Buddha level ground is publicized piece let people appreciate most reside abroad heaven of Qin Ling, one of calling card of Han Zhongsheng state ” giant panda ” ablaze come on stage, step the dance since the song. Feng Yongqing of vice secretary of county Party committee of Buddha level ground, head of a county makes a speech enthusiasticly, introduced travel of zoology of Buddha level ground to build effect and characteristic, window, hao Meng of ambassador of figure of travel of Buddha level ground is displayed on song ” the most beautiful place ” , those who convey pair of Buddha level ground is yearning and praise, wang Gang of ambassador of figure of travel of Hao bud He Hanzhong, Li Shuqiong undertook recommending to travel, 2020 what red key recommended Lu Yi of ambassador of figure of travel of Buddha level ground to was about to hold on August 7? Eleventh activity of section of travel of culture of giant panda of mountain of the Qin Dynasty and favourable policy. Feng Yan Gong recommended subprefect of Buddha level ground tourist attraction of area of scene of resource of travel of Buddha level ground, core, characteristic and capital attraction project. The spot still undertook 7 always invest 2 billion yuan cooperative project autograph to arrange a ceremony. Dancing ” I wait for you in Buddha level ground ” conveyed ” panda small town ” expect. Afternoon, still hold experience travel company to inspect butt joint activity. In thematic day activity, still begin red direct seeding of spot lottery, net, direct seeding to head the activity such as goods, extend certificate of acting gold of entrance ticket of area of panda cereal scene, travel and propagandist foldout, the characteristic gift such as giant panda served for people bless and invite.

Buddha level ground is located in hinterland of the foot of mountain austral Qin Ling, be located in Chinese in city, be apart from Chinese in 140 kilometers, Xi’an 200 kilometers. Ancient a white horse with a black mane having Tang and child midday path, today 108 nations line and freeway of the Western Han Dynasty pass through prefectural condition, into Gao Tie pass through the territory of a country sets a station on the west. Zoology protects luxuriant of in good condition, vegetation, species to abound, the forest is enclothed rate amount to 90.3% , churchyard life has many 130 feral giant panda, giant panda, golden monkey, takin, bright red Zuo ” Qin Ling 4 treasure ” assemble in, not

Only and black and white giant panda, still discover 6 brown giant panda early or late, distributinging density of feral giant panda and whole nation of house of come across rate the first, be known as ” Chinese panda the first county ” .

Since 2000, buddha level ground holds to ” zoology establishs county, Lin Yaoxing county, travel strong county ” development strategy and tourism ” breakthrough of one course of study, much trade is complementary ” develop train of thought, exert oneself compose builds structure of big travel, big industry, great progress, developed the core such as person of mountain of panda cereal, 18 cereal, the Qin Dynasty and natural museum travel scene area, built with red 25 army the gules culture base that site is a delegate, wait for the area of contemporary agriculture garden that is a delegate with park of paddy of place of business of home of the dazzling human world with its myriad temptations, a harrow-like implement for pulverizing soil, founded famous city of provincial travel characteristic 3, village of key of countrywide countryside travel 1, provincial travel demonstrative village 5, made path of Tang Luo Gu explore swim, ” Qin Ling 4 treasure ” thematic travel area goes vacationing swim, medicine child Liang Ke take an examination ofing is expeditionary swim, popular science of groove guard adolescent grinds learn to swim wait for circuitry of high-quality goods of 8 zoology travel. Receive in glory 100 beautiful of demonstrative county of zoology of national park county, state level, China natural oxygen of deep breathing small town, China, green of demonstrative county of construction of Chinese beautiful country, China develops outstanding city, China nearly 50 county of glamour of zoology of region of the most beautiful county, China, formed ” entire county is scene area, town the village is a tourist attraction, everywhere landscape, everywhere can lie fallow ” macrocosm travel pattern, zoology travels year all contribute for entire county GDP 5 into above, made ring ” ancient course bright phearl, Jing Meifo level ground ” brand.

Environment of good zoology reside abroad and the travel property that develop flourishingly, also attract numerous travelling merchant to come Buddha level ground invests. Built contain of center of panda forest hotel, Shan Jupei example, Qin Ling to abandon 16 characteristic such as nest of pit of hotel of hotel, Shan Mi, gold civilian constellation, live in the Ladou that build lawn of hotel, dragon 18 thematic civilian such as civilian constellation are old also will at the operation before the end of the year. On July 22, 2020, park of giant panda state (Qin Ling) characteristic small town hangs out his shingle in county of Buddha level ground.

It is reported, afterwards ” reside abroad is in Chinese in ” special performance of day of topic of Buddha level ground recommends meeting hind, 2020? Eleventh of Buddha level ground section of travel of culture of giant panda of mountain of the Qin Dynasty serves as ” reside abroad is in Chinese in ” one of branch field, the nocturnal concert of cereal of the ceremony that start, panda, ” advocate sow take your You Foping ” arteries and veins of direct seeding, China ancestor? The acoustical series concert of mountain of the Qin Dynasty treasure of explore of Buddha level ground, the 2nd ” protection of Qin Ling giant panda and research ” seminar, ” the most beautiful country sounds frog cries ” tent section, north latitude nearly 20 cent such as division of music of 33 ° cate activity, all-around begin travel to publicize sale, recommend culture of reside abroad of Buddha level ground.

Civil / Wu Yanfeng of Zhang Song of reporter of entire media of industry of graph Xi’an cable’s reporter