Yesterday, library of 24 hours of self-help opens Xi’an city community 1 million resource search house ceremony and Xi’an city public library ” read amount to a person ” be in village of Lin Ju of Xi’an white birch to hold into community activity, this mark is worn include Bai Hua forest to reside a village 24 hours self-help library inside at the same time official investment uses library of self-help of 12 community of Xi’an city.

Mobile spot, 1 million resource search Xi’an public library ” read amount to a person ” hold into community activity the corresponding period, many ” read amount to a person ” shared oneself read a story, recited essay and poetry. 1 million resource search Xi’an city public library ” read amount to a person ” activity from ” 4.23 ” the world reads after day is started, attracted large quantities of masses to attend, in whole town at present heat of each community normalizing is begun in.

Xi’an city culture and tourism bureau are mixed according to construction quality Xi’an ” the city with sweet book ” the overall demand of construction, in whole town 8 areas county, developing zone is pilot built Xi’an library Lin Ju divides Bai Hua the library of 12 community self-help such as house of cent of peninsula of Ba of house of cent of running water of house, high mountain, . Current, library of self-help of these 12 community throws operation.

Library of self-help of 24 hours of community of Xi’an city with ” Xi’an city public library always divides house informatization to build platform ” to rely on, serve a network through public library, the document information natural resources inside limits of implementation whole town is built in all share. Area of library of each community self-help makes an appointment with 40 square metre, deploy Tibet

Book more than 3000, self-help does card machine, self-help to borrow the machine that return a book, electron read system of linkage of machine, entrance guard, bookshelf, air conditioning, read system of equipment of desk and chair, network, lighting, supervisory system to wait for equipment of relevant form a complete set. Have self-help to borrow a book, return books of book, renew a book, inquiry, electron to borrow read wait for a function, but of books of as various as complete Xi’an city public library borrow still, realized the round-the-clock service of the library.

Community of library of 24 hours of self-help move, get through common culture serves ” last kilometer ” , raised basic and common culture to serve ability, compose builds a convenient and efficient common culture to serve a network. Library of centralized 12 community self-help is thrown in Benciji, include Wen Jingxi divisional house, high mountain running water divides divisional house, Wen Jingdong peninsula of Ba of house, is cent house, big the Tang Dynasty house of cent of garden of house of cent of home of cent house, Chang’an, green banboos, bright.

Wang Juan of trainee of mattress of duty of reporter of entire media of Xi’an cable industry beautiful