Dispatch of Xi’an news network 4 days afternoon, essence of life of Xi’an city town refines management to center mobile month to arouse deploy can be held in municipal government. The conference is done further to whole August town solid the 15 keys job that does fine city to turn management subtly undertakes arranging disposition, the mark is worn center mobile month to be started formally.

Drive a city

Transfer to a lower level of administrative issue authority perfects a project to build management to run a mechanism

The conference communicated whole on August 1 town to welcome 14 use job of management of town planning construction is advanced attemper meeting spirit, from 15 respects deploy work next. It is reported, this month, the our city will drive transfer to a lower level of authority of urban government issue further, county of manage quiet borough and sectional duty, cogent accomplish urban government move below centre of gravity, can put put, authority duty is unified. perfect project at the same time construction management runs a mechanism, make a certain number of opinions.

The respect is administered in illegal construction, will maintain tear open violate treat violate posture of working high pressure, seasonable follow-up has done the sclerotic afforest after demolishing beautification and use wait for the job, strengthen later period go on a tour of inspection to superintend; The irregularity that already maintained to program branch is built and the of all kinds illicit with dim view of influence the appearance of a city builds chaos to build, be demolished with the shortest time and restore original face; Comprehensive platoon is checked of all kinds occupy enclosure, surround block reach build temporarily, the setting expires or be put in safe hidden trouble, supervise and urge instantly rectify and reform or deadline is demolished.

Standard of the space below punish bridge protects column norms colour

Advance punish of the space below person travel crossover and crossroads further. According to ” one bridge one plan ” train of thought, to less than of 3 annulus road (contain 3 annulus means) the space below 84 place crossroads undertakes punish and promotion are transformed, have a requirement regard a city as road or greenbelt square, carry out 2 annulus stage by stage the road greets promotion of the space below guest circuitry bridge to transform with 14 carry. Strengthen person travel crossover and bridge to leave dimensional government, accomplish bridge floor neat, without place booth to set nod and send out the behavior such as wild advertisement.

Solve seeper of place of key of the city zone to select an issue, to feeling the 43 part of eduction seeper nods one by one to analyse seeper reason, perfect catchment conduit, undertake to conduit Cha Shu is connected discharging, clear, answer change, increase conduit catchment capacity ceaselessly, eliminate hard ” the city looks the lake ” hidden trouble.

Accelerate 2 annulus road to protect column promotion to transform, through adding, change, oil act the role ofing, demolish wait for means, solve road to protect column facial expression standards of multifarious, measurement qualitative style of differ, material is multifarious wait for a problem, reach neat, form clean consistent, colour is harmonious and unified, normative. Sign of normative street label and outdoors advertisement are installed, concentration clears the sign of of all kinds label that the chaos on municipal facilities installs lever of telegraph pole, lamp, Lou Yu and other, sign of the commerciality label shop sign that removes setting of do sth without authorization, deserted label, put together centers a setting to repeat the label shop sign that grows setting of the body that set staff, achieve a setting standard, beautiful coordinate and do not have illegal setting purpose.

The standard is occupied manage begin ” urban furniture ” swab safeguard

In punish standard of all kinds give store (occupy) management behavior respect, will guide faker of going from place to place to enter the booth that already examined and approve group the dot is managed, supervise and urge along the street business door consciousness is fulfilled ” before the door 3 packets ” responsibility, increase pair of meal units to use clean the sources of energy and the examination that install use lampblack to purify establishment by the regulation. Supervise and urge proper motion of edge market unit is demolished, the establishment such as picket of the segregation column that move moves to be installed in the do sth without authorization on road or square, segregation, side of the road. Manage to be being occupied at will, the faker of going from place to place that affects person car to affect urban the appearance of a city currently, badly gives clear, neat.

Promotion stands to transform plan outside accelerating a construction, exert oneself solution builds mass along the street definitely uneven, edge vista watchs overall effect lack stands outside bad, building whole plans and block of history of colour program, part lacks culture distinguishing feature design and show strength the range establishs outside shop of trader of market of weaker, edge.

Will begin at the same time ” urban furniture ” swab defend the work, swab defend sculpture of billboard plaque, city, liaison man shop sign of label, public transportation station, civilian the public facilities such as seat, demolish deserted, damage and the public facilities that violate compasses setting; Cleanness safeguards anteroom of worker of kit of the comfort station, member that protect clean, environmental sanitation to wait for facilities of environmental sanitation facilities.

Punish shares bicycle chaos to stop chaos to put clear advertisement of enclosure blame commonweal

The our city still will exceed to sharing bicycle cast, stop in disorder, huddle, put in disorder wait for problem of order of environment of serious effect the appearance of a city to undertake centralized punish, supervise and urge standard of carry dimension industry shares bicycle park, combine chasten to cooperating the operation enterprise of not do one’s best to carry out. Normative enclosure (surround archives) setting management, clear enclosure (surround block) advertisement of commonweal of of all kinds blame, undertake rebuilding to damage damage place, ensure neat and beautiful. Advance life rubbish classification deep continuously, carry out classification strictly to put in, classification is collected, classification is carried, the requirement that classifies processing, aggrandizement fountainhead manages, strengthen rubbish to classify normalization education and examination to check and accept.

Strengthen daily road to protect clean and afforest conserve. Raise urban road mechanization to sweep rate, deepen processing of road raise dirt, strengthen a gleam of to protect clean power, favorable opposition of road of the town that finish is washed and afforest centers clip to work. Accelerate ” 3 change an one be born ” working schedule, fulfil governmental obligation seriously, appropriate finds a place for the masses that impose change, promote old old village to transform quality, perfect alleyway lane function, accelerate trolly wire be born and plan of get through of broken end road.

Arouse after deploy, bureau of city town canal, city lives build city of bureau, Xi’an to cast government of forest zone of group, tablet, new and high area to be in charge of appoint condition of tabulation of meeting concerned controller makes a speech. Conference requirement, county of our city each area, developing zone and each branch want responsibility of farther tamp job, stress working focal point, establish standard consciousness further, aggrandizement superintend and director guides assessment, increase propagandist strength, ensure each repair job is begun quickly, solid advance, finish on time, carry out with real operation fulfil greet 14 carry to strengthen urban government and countrywide civilized town to found each job deploy, drive urban environment appearance to last improvement, level of management promotes in the round. (civil / Ta Ling of reporter of entire media of industry of graph Xi’an cable)