Reporter of dispatch of Xi’an news network learns 4 days, involve worker worker by city appoint civilization of associated municipal Party committee does, the Women’s Federation of city education bureau, round municipal Party committee, city is in those who begin in whole town adolescent 2020 ” 100 civilized Xiaogong civilian ” choose commend mobile result is announced, 102 classmates such as Fan Yi zinc are judged to be Xi’an city ” 100 civilized small citizens ” .

In recent years, city involves worker worker appoint the branch is begun continuously related associated our city ” civilized small citizen ” choose commend activity. Activity closely around the central relevant demand that builds the job about minor thought morality with provincial Party committee, municipal Party committee, around ” inheritance red gene, contend for do age newlywed person ” thematic education, promote gules gene and patriotism spirit energetically in adolescent, made whole town ” 100 civilized small citizens ” brand of job of moral education of this one minor, found countrywide civilized town to aid force to buy variety for Xi’an.

Deepen socialistic core viewpoint of value, gene of large plant red, arouse a mission to take on, be ” civilized small citizen ” choose commend the activity is primary target. In the activity, system of education of each area county, relevant developing zone, city involves worker worker appoint active organization ” 5 old ” into campus, it is adolescent to tell about spirit of spirit of spirit of the Jinggang Mountains, long march, Yan’an, Xi Baipo into community the concerned story of the revolutionary spirit pedigree such as spirit, constituent middle and primary school is unripe visit whole town to care next generation to teach base, patriotism to teach base to wait. After pneumonic epidemic situation produces new coronal, still began a line to go to school on heroic of hold a memorial ceremony for of the Pure Brightness on Lei Feng, line and line ” learn party history country history, inheritance red gene ” the activity such as answering question.

Abide by domestic goodness, a good child is done in the home; Scrupulously abide by student morality, a good student is done in the school; Abide by social morals, a good citizen is become in the society, be ” civilized small citizen ” selection standard, a batch of achievement are outstanding, accessibly can learn, fresh and vivid adolescent

Example shows itself, be affected and driving beside more people. After pneumonic epidemic situation produces new coronal, foam of Liu of elementary school of Yellow River of new the city zone is contained, oneself 1200 yuan of money that one year scrape up comes down were contributed entirely come out, drive in hers, whole class teachers and students eagerly contribution, 15 minutes go to more than yuan 16000 with respect to collect, use at buying 81 to defend to take. Liu Mei contained delegate teachers and students to write a letter, will defend take, teachers and students blesses video, hand to report a duplicate to etc donated the 8th hospital of Xi’an city. Town of Chang’an area Luan learns Su Zexuan in mouth of street duck pool, have deep love for nature, enthusiastic environmental protection, participate in the activity such as rubbish of zoology of mountain of protective the Qin Dynasty, picking up actively, ever still obtained ” small bodyguard of Chang’an area environmental protection ” title. (Ta Ling of reporter of entire media of Xi’an cable industry)