Dispatch of Xi’an news network (Zhang Yang of reporter of entire media of Xi’an cable industry) the collision of culture and originality, let classical culture be able to inheritance, let contemporary culture be able to innovate, let ethical culture move toward the world. On August 5, by learning of academy of industry of Beijing University culture combination of courtyard of originality of culture of one party of a poetic name of China of support, xinhua net, Beijing was released ” Chinese city culture achieved meaning index pop chart 2019 ” , xi’an new Jin Shijiang, rank the 7th. Novel originality of deep culture + , allow this chiliad ancient capital more and more glamour 4 shoot.

Xi’an new Jin Shijiang is become western area ” surveyor’s pole ” city

Pop chart parts from urban originality zoology, ode ability, can aesthetic driving force, innovation driving force undertakes grading, data shows, beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Hangzhou, Chongqing, Xi’an, Chengdu, Dongguan, Nanjing is the city of before index of originality of Chinese city culture is ranked 10. Among them, xi’an and Nanjing are index of originality of culture of 2019 China city member of new advance of 10 strong cities, index of originality of Xi’an city culture assigns a value 36.634, rank eleventh from last year ascend body the 7th.    

Show in originality of culture of 2019 China city tens of strong cities are medium, the area holds 3 seats western, it is to rank the Chongqing of the 6th, rank respectively the Xi’an of the 7th, rank the Chengdu of the 8th.

Mobile spot, academy of industry of culture of dean of courtyard of originality of culture of one party of Beijing a poetic name of China, chief expert, Beijing University teachs Wang Qi before the state is only to a list of names posted up 10 cities were done one by one review analyse. King neat country says, chongqing and Xi’an are endowed with in culture originality can of ability and index of innovation driving force close to jackknife; In respect of index of environment of culture originality zoology, chongqing excel Xi’an; In culture originality respect of index of aesthetic driving force, chongqing of Xi’an criterion excel.

Zhang Jingcheng of director of research center of industry of originality of China of academy of Beijing science and technology, researcher thinks, chinese city culture starts meaning index, can become the decision-making assistant of urban supervisor, offer instant interactive tool of strategic endowment source control, from time x-axis can ” with Shi Mingjian ” push perform development trend, from area cross axle can ” compatible and harbour ” search the competition that need level.

Develop culture originality industry to stimulate travel of ancient city article energetically ” on the west gravitation “

The promotion backside of the place on pop chart, it is Xi’an is driving respect of culture originality industry to try hard ceaselessly.

In recent years, the our city is carrying the good state with ceaseless continue of new project, big project from beginning to end, dye-in-the-wood, travel causes culture industry delayed effect firmly far. Big the Tang Dynasty the project builds the industry of a batch of great culture such as affection of through the ages of Xi’an of group of synthesis of brigade of article of cereal of originality of nocturnal city shopping mall, Qu Jiang, an ancient name for China, Song Cheng in succession and do not throw move, the project such as city of village of Chang’an the Tang Dynasty, Heng Dawen brigade is intensifying building. This year, urge mount a horse again promotion of environment of bequest of world of tower of area of Xi’an culture business affairs, small wild goose, tablet is block of culture of Lin Li history, easy common culture travels the sex of mark of a batch of ground such as an area project of culture travel industry.

Design with originality, move brigade of athletics of free game, electron, article to act art etc for the key, make new job appearance, the point of growth with new industry of open up culture. Recommend the company of electric contest bibcock such as amusement of heroic each other, with

The well-known company such as sports of plan of club of WE report contest, banana, quanta signs many collaboration project, hold summit of industry of Xi’an report contest successfully international of meeting, Xi’an the double contest that start report acute of league matches of profession of alliance of fine time, hero, Tie Ying person report contest the activity such as fine time, make electric contest industry becomes Xi’an a piece of new calling card.

Hold 2019 Xi’an successfully (international) contest of culture originality design and article of Chinese Xi’an international achieve product innovation to design a contest, encourage the Wen Bo such as palace of museum of history of museum of imperial tomb of Qin Shi’s emperor, Shaanxi, Hua Qing actively advantage of IP of culture of unit play oneself participates in culture originality product to develop, supportive article achieves an enterprise to wait for article of development of historical culture resource to start a product with Wen Bo. Pass the perfect couple of historical culture and modern science and technology, fashionable art, form alone attractive ” Xi’an article is achieved ” brand, “Tang Niu ” ” beautiful dance is old the Tang Dynasty ” ” Qin Qinbao shellfish ” ” city wall cavalier ” the article that waits to have distinguishing feature of Xi’an history culture one batch achieves a product to sell well global. Advance actively ” act art ” construction, roll out early or late ” song length hate ” ” affection of tomb figure of the Qin Dynasty ” ” big Tang Zhuimeng ” ” dream Chang’an – Cheng Li of big Tang Yingbin ” wait for nearly 30 large high-quality goods to act art, freeboard person energy of life and good economic benefits are won on travel market.

These, added a piece of another piece culture calling card for Xi’an, an another gold-lettered signboard. Reveal resource of Xi’an culture travel adequately distinctive glamour, allow Xi’an article force ” on the west gravitation ” increase further.

Present originality of culture of much face Xi’an to will develop core competition ability into the city

Before, people comes to Xi’an, experience the imposing manner of urban extensive great from archaize building, experience historical vicissitudes of life from precious cultural relic historic site. Nowadays, culture + originality, cate + beautiful scenery, xi’an is showing unprecedented affinity and diversity, pull the distance of city and person nearlier, “Go against the river arrives source, find a root, search soul, the tie that seeks accurate history and reality is nodded ” it is Xi Jinping’s secretary-general the be on the tiptoe of expectation to Xi’an, also be the inevitable alternative that Xi’an city develops.

Chinese people university teachs gold dollar riverside to express, develop a process as what our country city changes, a city is economic progress level merely no longer to the appeal of people, city of plasticity of future of atmosphere of originality of culture of comfortable sex, city, town, wisdom waits sex of room of fitting of urban characteristic, city a moment, had made the core competition ability that modern city develops.

The Xi’an nowadays, in the lights of bright, copy is like Chang’an night of Tang Chao; In museum, have the vane with past dynasties the wettest the ancients; In the construction group of dorp of the central Shaanxi plain below 5 white Lu Yuan, hill, the feeling of the central Shaanxi plain that has the most agrestic tunnel… although Can of resource of the culture of this city, travel, cultural relic, folk-custom, bequest is like the Milky Way, but Xi’an still is a horse with culture originality, gallop go up in the road that advances ahead, believe to be in before long future, this urban general more superstratum building, coruscate gives more attractive amorous feelings and charm.