(entire media of Xi’an cable industry is presiding reporter Yang Bin targets swan)

“Group of engine of kerosene of liquid oxygen of task of Y1 of 5 B carrier rocket can obtain long march ‘ Xi’an mayor is special award ‘ , it is Xi’an municipal Party committee, municipal government affirm to what we work and commend. Come for years, we hold to high quality to develop way, use technology of core of liquid rocket motor to breed formed equipment of project of system of energy-saving environmental protection, high end and form a complete set to serve two big industries square

To, key space technology uses industrial project, apply extensively at national economy many domains. Next, we will produce advantage of technology of core of spaceflight liquid motivation further, use spaceflight science and technology, make larger contribution for the high quality development of Xi’an economy. ” a few days ago, when accepting a reporter to interview, spaceflight advances Li Bin of technical academy assistant dean to express.

Spaceflight advances technical academy (limited company of group of Chinese spaceflight science and technology the 6th academy) (later development abbreviation ” 6 courtyards ” ) , it is our country’s only part appearance of active power system, course accuses carrier rocket the academy of technology of spaceflight liquid motivation that dynamical system and dimensional aircraft advance systematic research, design, production, experiment to be an organic whole. Up to now, the liquid rocket motor that 6 courtyards develop and space boost a system, launched China almost all satellites and spacecraft, be known as dynamic of liquid of our country spaceflight ” national group ” .

Long march group of engine of kerosene of liquid oxygen of task of Y1 of 5 B carrier rocket, building up qualified personnel of technology of scientific research of 6 courtyards high-grade, master technology of our country’s most advanced rocket motor core, representing our country high pressure to fill the top level that lights technology of sustainer of circular liquid rocket, lead motor of rocket of our country liquid successfully to the technology is stridden and maintain international advanced level. The engine of kerosene of liquid oxygen of 120 tons of class that the group develops (call 120 tons of class engine below) it is long march the active power plant of 5 B carrier rocket, offerred the thrust of 90% above for the rocket. This engine development ever won first prize of award of progress of technology of 2017 year country.

This year on May 5, a long march blasts off in spaceflight of Chinese article prosperous 5 B carrier rocket head flying success, the engine of 120 tons of class that the group develops sends spacecraft directly book orbit, expression of engine of 120 tons of class is perfect, rocket flight consummation. This second blast off, 6 courtyards develop consign for the rocket 2 kinds in all 10 sustainers, the roll booster that one class motivation and engine of kerosene of liquid oxygen of 8 120 tons of class form the core that is composition of engine of oxyhydrogen of 2 50 tons of class respectively. Regard low course of our country new generation as large carrier rocket, grow bear of 5 B rocket to wear ability of carrier rocket of orbit of our country close ground the historical important task that promotion, technology progresses and changes considerably, its head flying success indicates level pulls open a dimensional station job formally prelusive, also will lay solid foundation for construction of powerful nation of our country spaceflight. This second launch the new generation manned airship that will make an appointment with 22 tons again experiment boat, flexible aerate type goods returns cabin to wait for load assembly to send book orbit, realize win the first battle of task of flight of dimensional station phase, pull open project of our country manned spaceflight ” the 3rd pace ” of the task prelusive.

“Group of engine of liquid oxygen kerosene develops Yan Shen fine fact, excelsior work way, hold to innovation drive to develop a concept, develop a technology iteration and improve, applied automation intelligence changes production technology, perfect, optimize flow, raised engine considerably inherent dependability. To ensure this second task consummation, the group overcomes new coronal virus influence of pneumonic epidemic situation, be aimed at task characteristic, from product technology condition, process control, force heats up environmental influence, test to enclothed the respect such as the gender to begin a large number of emulation with the experiment, ensured product technology condition is true, quality is reliable, finished rocket head flying job satisfactorily. ” Li Bin tells a reporter.

The reporter understands, this second blast off, no matter from rocket compose model still be airship experiment task, right of 6 courtyards each model engine raised more slashing requirement. Rocket respect, than long march 5 rockets, grow process of 5 B flight to compare ” fat 5 ” overload is bigger, fly namely acceleration is bigger, pressure of entrance of engine oxygen pump also increases subsequently. In the meantime, this second blasting off also is big thrust engine is used to launch load orbit to go up directly first on the world, taller to engine parameter accuracy and stability demand. Be aimed at above requirement, group of engine of kerosene of liquid oxygen of task of Y1 of 5 B carrier rocket adds long march severe add delicate process management and personnel operation each requirement, began analysis of complete works of products plan character, implementation engine total number occupies conversation, ceaseless management improves process control and engine weak point, promoted engine the reliability of the product further.

“During epidemic situation, grow 5 B for safeguard rocket head flying success, the experiment team member of 6 courtyards each unit hurries off to emissive field from Xi’an, Beijing, Shanghai, catch epidemic situation to prevent single-handed accuse, ensure a flying success single-handed. Test group raises quality awareness and risk consciousness, responsibility consciousness further, normative work flow, refine working content, make good engine product meticulously detect check with each, ensure each job node strictly. Meticulous affirm engine each parameter, ensure engine position is good, had done deep blast off beforehand case, solid begin ‘ double want ‘ the job, eliminated the risk of existence or hidden danger, ensured grow 5 B rocket head flying success. ” Introduction Li Bin.